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September 8, 2021

Today I woke up to an interesting email from one of the Digital Art Dealer fam…

It said:

“Look man if I’m being honest I’m really worried about hate,not making it out with music,and not being able to afford equipment for music so if u have any advise please hit me back”

– Niel Armstrong

I replied:

“Hey man,

1 – focus on yourself and stop worrying what people think, you’ll ALWAYS have haters.

2 – the only way to “make it” is to get good at music and business. So focus on that.Everyone starts out being crap.

You need to put the work in to become great.

Lazy people won’t cut it.

3 – watch my video on how to set up a high quality home studio for cheap here:

I hope this helps!

You’ll love the rest of the videos on my channel, they’ll help you out a lot!

Don’t overthink it – have FUN!”

That last line is some advice I need to remember myself…

Don’t overthink it – HAVE FUN!

What’s the point of making music if it ain’t fun?

Sure, you probably wanna impress your fam…

Your friends…



But what’s all that worth if you’re miserable while doing it?

And, here’s something even more important:

Focus on yourself and stop worrying what people think, you’ll ALWAYS have haters…

There’s no stopping it.

Even JESUS CHRIST (if he existed) had haters!

If you cured cancer and AIDs, you’ll have haters saying “well, he couldn’t cure the common cold smh”.

You need to focus on YOU.

YOU can make yourself great.

And, you should be the judge you’re trying to impress. Let me explain:

You KNOW when your verse is weak…

You KNOW when that bar didn’t hit like you wanted…

You KNOW when you feel unsure about your music…

Work until you LOVE your music and you think it’s AMAZING.

Then keep on working.

As long as you make music you confidently enjoy…it doesn’t matter what other people think…

There are BILLIONS of people in the world…

If you like your music, you can bet there are similar people who’ll like it too.

Don’t waste your time focusing on the people that DON’T like you or your music.

And the truth is:

EVERYONE starts out WACK af.

You only get good at this music stuff with practice, consistency and patience.

You can say the same about any skill tbh…

And, you need to understand that to be a great artist or producer, you need to grow your SKILLS.

Talent isn’t important at ALL.

Talent is only a head start on building great skills.

I was born with ONE TALENT.


I am a fast learner – I can follow instructions and gain skills.

Everything I’m able to do now is a result of unflinching hard work…

You may not be cut out for the amount of work it takes to be great…

That’s okay, you can do this music stuff on the side.

But for my go-getters with that WORK ethic:

It’s just a matter of time and patience my g.

For example:

The best way to get your music out there is the same…

The main tools are: Time and Patience.

Let’s say you have a new song you want people to listen to.

All you need to do is make a BUNCH of content around the song.

Create videos and livestreams of you making the beat, writing the lyrics, recording the song, mixing the song etc…

This will build anticipation for the song AND get people interested in the final result because they’re actually part of the process.

Trust me, use this method of promotion instead of spamming people your link. 

You’ll see a HUGE difference.

But it takes time.

Most people are too impatient…

You need to create content, (videos, livestreams, emails, pictures etc.) CONSISTENTLY.

You need to create a whole catalogue of content.

And you need to give your content time to rank on YouTube or google and pick up steam.

(You better be creating SEO friendly content and NOT just using social media like Instagram or twitter… We’ll talk about this more in future emails…)

Then over time, your content will be like your own marketing team…

Out there in front of people’s eyeballs, getting your music heard and building your brand (while you sleep)…

And the easiest way to create a LOT of content is:

To livestream your process of making music.

(This can be awkward af if you’re not comfortable making music yet. So you can walk people through your finished projects in a stream or video until you’re more comfortable)

The program I use and recommend for ALL your streaming purposes is XSplit.

XSplit makes streaming easy and simple.

The last time I used OBS (it was years ago to be fair) it was like I was trying to code my own app…

The furthest thing from a streamlined process…

XSplit is easy to set up and get going so you can spend more time streaming and less time trying to figure out how to make your stream work…

That’s why I created a full review/overview video on XSplit so you can see if it’s right for you in 2020.

Click the link below and watch the video now:

​All the best,Jay “You Can Be As Great As You Want” Cartere


Yesterday I said I’m gonna reveal a tool that will stop you wasting hours of precious time when you’re producing your music…

And, as always. I’m a man of my word.

One of the most time consuming and annoying things when you’re making music is trying to find the right drums.

You probably have more drum kits than you care to count…

Searching through those drum kits to find the RIGHT sound is tedious AND it’s boring enough to stop you finishing that beat…

That’s where this tool comes in…

It’s called XO.

It’s made by XLN (the same guys that make RC-20 – they know their stuff).

And, it turns the drum searching process into something engaging and easy.

You wont have to waste 30 minutes of your life opening folder after folder, clicking that left mouse button again and again…

Because this plug-in sorts all your drums by sound and tone… (making it easier to find the drums you WANT)

And it has a beautiful interface (it looks like a universe with a bunch of stars) where you can select your drum samples and drag em into your project.

That’s not all:

XO also has a drum sequencer you can use…but I haven’t tried that out much because it only has 2 bars…

I need ALL the bars fam.

Anyways, click the link below to see XO in action.

In this quick video, I’ll show you how easy it is to drag a sample from XO into the FL channel rack.

Here’s the link:

More to come tomorrow…

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Create content using the secret tactics that bring me over 437.4+ million organic views online 

Join 2864+ founders & solopreneurs creating content that attracts leads while reading the Everything Is Marketing Newsletter.

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