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January 6, 2020

​Why would someone ask to hire a “scammer”?

Sounds weird right?

Well, this is an interesting story:

Last night, I got an email from a customer…

The kind of email that only stupid people send…

The kind of email that does NOTHING but RUIN our future relationship…

The kind of email that makes me not want this person as a customer at ALL…

Here’s what he said:

“You’re a scammer fucking pussy​”

The thing is:

I’ve NEVER scammed anyone…

So, I’m always a little surprised when people accuse me of being a scammer, with NO EVIDENCE…

Usually I just ignore it, because it comes from sad competitive complainers.

But, this was a customer…

This person had purchased an ARK server code from my site a few weeks ago…

And, this was the ONLY contact I’ve had with the person since.

This was a terrible way to break the ice or ask for help…

So I responded:“Don’t fucking talk to me like that.I’ve never scammed anyone. Have some fucking respect or I will block your emails. I won’t be taken for a dickhead. Don’t try me.”

Then I woke up to 2 emails where this guy decided to change his tune…

I would paste the full emails here, but the emails have NO FORMATTING. 

It’s a disgusting wall of text. ​

And, it’s pretty boring to read, so I wont do that to you…

I’ll give you the cliff notes instead.

The customer basically said:

“I have tried contacting you many times on a code I got from you that has not worked and even went and messaged you on Instagram and asked for a dm and you said no​”

This is a LIE. He only contacted me BEFORE he purchased ANYTHING. 

He dm’d me on instagram asking about custom services I don’t offer, then he commented on a picture asking me to reply.

I said no. 

I have NO time or patience to talk to potential time-wasters. 

I only reply to customers.

And, I damn sure DO NOT DO BUSINESS in instagram DMs.

If you want to contact me about business…use my business email…

It’s not rocket science is it?


In the rest of that email, he went on to say:

“I followed your video step by step and my server won’t even allow people to join. 

Now if you are willing to help me out and try to fix my issue no hard feelings and I’ll apologize for the way I spoke to you and even write a good review on your YouTube or site​”

So, he wanted help, and he decided the best way to do that was to verbally attack me…

Very smart.

He’s lucky I wasn’t awake to respond to this email…

I wouldn’t help the dude without a heartfelt apology FIRST. 

I’d rather lose a shitty customer than tolerate ANY disrespect…

But, it didn’t end there:

He changed his tune in the next email…

“I would like to apologize for what I said after the third time doing it it worked.​”

The thing with my ARK codes is – you need to follow my instructions to get it working.

That’s why I created a big fat tutorial video that shows you EXACTLY what to do.

But, some people just get it wrong. 

They mess up.

Then they try to blame EVERYBODY but themselves. 

This is THE WORST type of person in the world.

I can’t STAND people who can’t admit when they’re wrong and dodge responsibility.

That’s why, when he said:

“I am looking to code my server a specific way and was wondering if we could set a price for everything I want on my server. 

I would also promote you and your website on my server and leave excellent reviews. 

Please contact me as soon as you are available so we can set this up. 

Again I apologize for getting frustrated. Hopefully we can work a deal out. 

Please respond through my email or preferably my Instagram​”

I didn’t have to think for a SECOND.

Now he wants to hire the scammer huh?

My reply: “No.I would NEVER work with you now. Do not ask me again.”

I hope to never hear from that asshole again.

It ain’t worth the stress.

I’m lucky that I decided to work my ass off and put myself in a position where I can TURN DOWN terrible customers because I don’t need the money…

And, you can do it too…

Imagine yourself turning down shitbags and stacking money in your sleep!

Just click the link below to learn more:

All the best,

Jay ” Don’t Tolerate Disrespect” Cartere

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Create content using the secret tactics that bring me over 437.4+ million organic views online 

Join 2864+ founders & solopreneurs creating content that attracts leads while reading the Everything Is Marketing Newsletter.

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