Email Marketing Campaign: Jay Cartere

I managed the email marketing, automation and conversion optimisation for my personal brand Jay Cartere from the conception of the brand.

Opt-in Landing Pages:

  • Wrote easy-to-understand copy communicating benefits and features of the free lead magnet offered
  • Used testimonials to increase customer trust and boost conversion rates

Lead Magnet Development:

  • Used research and personal knowledge to create 3 free lead magnets the target audience wants to opt-in for

Email Marketing Automation + Newsletters:

  • Created automated email sequences with informative guides and sales pitches to nurture leads and drive sales
  • Written hundreds of weekly newsletters and emails focusing on delivering value and driving sales



  • Created automated email sequence with 30.87% open rate and 8.9% click rate
  • Created automated email sequence with 50% open rate and 4.56% click rate
  • Achieved an average 41.96% open rate and 1.96% click through rate across all email campaigns and sequences


Landing pages:

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