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March 20, 2021

​Thursdays are super exciting for me…


Because on Thursdays I focus on making music!

As you know, most of my week is full of doing entrepreneur stuff – the kinda stuff that keeps the lights on and gives me the opportunity to make music freely…

This includes things like:

  • Recording YouTube videos
  • Editing YouTube videos
  • Scheduling YouTube videos, doing YouTube SEO and creating thumbnails
  • Creating website pages
  • Writing sales pages
  • Creating products
  • Writing email sequences

And more…

(I need to get back to making beats at least every other day tbh)

But on Thursdays, I get to put all of that to the side and focus all my energy on making FIRE songs!

Today’s the same but there’s one big change…

You see, since I came back to making music I’ve been doing it all on my own.

Using my own beats, writing and recording the whole song myself.

Engineering, mixing & mastering…

The whole shebang.

I tried to collaborate with another producer last year but when I asked him to send me the stems for a beat, he took longer than a week to get back to me…

No good.

The thing is, I like to work swiftly and I can’t work with people that slow me down.

(It’s super disappointing because that was gonna be a GREAT song too)

So I had to focus on doing everything myself.

This way, I can control everything and make sure everything that needs to be done is done well and done fast.

(If you need something done, do it yourself)

But, here’s the big change:

Today, I’m gonna be working on a collab with another producer.

(I can’t believe how SICK these teenagers are at producing these days tbh, WOW.)

2 weeks ago, I put the word out that I was looking to collab with people in my discord.

A few go-getters answered the call.

Now I’ve got an email inbox FULL of FIRE beats and I’m gonna go HAM…

Any songs I make will be released as a single on Spotify etc and we’ll share the gwap.

But the most important part is getting to work with other go-getter artists and producers who LOVE this music game…

Can you relate?

Are you a go-getter artist or producer?

Can you work fast?

Are you sick of dealing with unreliable artists that NEVER release anything?

Do you wanna work with me on a single?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then reply to this email ASAP.

Answer these 3 questions in your reply:

1. Are you an artist or producer?

2. What kind of music you make?

3. How long have you been making music?

And add a link to your music so I can hear if we’ll vibe together.

(If you don’t answer these questions and send a link then it’s gonna be harder for me to decide if I wanna work with you…so I’ll just skip your email. It’ll also show that you can’t follow instructions – and that’s not what I want in a collab partner… So please use the format above to make things easier for both of us!)

I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Reply to this email ASAP and let’s make some magic!

All the best,

Jay “In The Studio” Cartere

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