[Video] How to start making music

​Getting started is usually the hardest part of getting good at anything… Making music is no exception. You can find yourself directionless and confused… Trying and failing…again and again… But, there’s good news: Most songs start off with a basic skeleton. A simple background for all the exciting parts you’ll add later… And, if you can […]

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No more daily emails

I haven’t been on holiday in 7 years… Mainly because: I’ve been too busy trying to survive… Building businesses… And, creating a life that gives me freedom. But, the thing is: I’m at a point in my life where taking a break is the best move forward. I’m not gonna go on holiday…because I wanna actually be able to enjoy that… […]

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Mastering your music made easy

​Mastering your music can seem like a giant roadblock… It can seem like a longgg complicated process standing between you and actually getting your music heard… Your music is almost ready for people’s ears but MASTERING is here to slow you down… Even the term “mastering” seems a little intimidating. Kinda like this is something that only a special […]

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The stat Youtube cares about the most…

​It’s NOT views… It’s NOT subscribers… YouTube actually tells you it’s most important stat ALL THE TIME, if you listen… Guessed what it is yet? It’s WATCH TIME. What does this mean for you? This means YouTube wants you to make BETTER content… Content that KEEPS people watching… Just getting a few quick views won’t help […]

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