A small budget is better than no budget

Music isn’t a career for people who don’t want to spend money. This shit is expensive. Even if you wanna do everything yourself (like me) You STILL need to spend money to get there. You don’t need to spend big bucks… But, this music game is definitely not free. There’s no way around it. If you only look for […]

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The problem with YouTube ads

PSA: ​If you’re under 13, please unsubscribe from these emails… This exclusive list is for adults only. You might not know this, but: I’ve been testing out YouTube advertising over the past few months… It’s grown my email list pretty quickly… But, there’s bad news: It’s pretty expensive and, not just that… It’s showing my ads to […]

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My mixing secrets

You’re no good at mixing… And I don’t expect you to be, you haven’t had a lot of experience. Did you know – bad mixing is the main reason why your songs sound trash? A good mix will drastically change the way your songs and beats sound… A good mix will make people enjoy your music more… Thing […]

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Are you working too hard?

Happy Monday! I’m getting ready to start scheduling my YouTube videos for this week but, there’s something I wanted to share with you today: ​Yesterday, I took the day off. I took the time to reflect… To re-evaluate what I want… And, to watch a bunch of One Piece… The interesting part is: It was worth it! […]

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Make your songs HIT / Make your drums bang

​If you’ve ever thought about producing your own music, you know you have to understand drum programming… Where do the kicks go? Where do the snares go?​ Where should you put hi-hat rolls? How do you make your 808s hard-hitting and bouncy? These are questions you can spend the next 2 years trying to figure out… Your drums […]

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I won’t do it

​Last week I told you I won’t try to persuade you to create a website… Even though I just released a video revealing ALL the pages you need for a successful website… I’m not gonna try to persuade you to watch it. That’s right. I’ve learned that most musicians (and pretty much all creatives) are absolutely TRASH […]

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How to stop being forgettable

How to build your music brand Good music + bad branding = Unknown Artist It doesn’t matter how great your music is…If nobody knows it’s YOUR music… This is especially true for producers… But, it happens to artists as well. It’s common for a song to be more popular than the artist who made it… […]

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Turn 1 melody into 6 with this HACK

​I’m really craving pancakes this morning… I promise this will relate to turning 1 melody into 6, you’ll see how soon. But first: Today, I’m gonna be spending the day filming videos (as I usually do on Tuesday). This is a little different though… Because I’m going to be walking through each aspect of creating my […]

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