Your online future isn’t safe

What do you wanna learn about email marketing? (reply to this email with your questions!)  As a digital art dealer, you NEED to be building your email list…  You KNOW social media isn’t something you OWN.  You KNOW you don’t control your ability to contact your audience on these sites… And, you KNOW you can be BANNED from […]

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The reason why I stopped playing video games

People hate change. Small change, big change… It doesn’t matter, you’ll find SOMEONE willing to complain about it. The thing is: Change is necessary.  Imagine if you were the EXACT same as you were 10 years ago? You’d still be a dumbass, wouldn’t you? We can all look back and celebrate that we won’t make […]

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How to get copyright-free music for your YouTube videos

“Copyright free music” is a misleading term…because there is no such thing. When art is created, the artist automatically owns the copyright to that piece of work. The copyright will exist forever. This misunderstanding is a common mistake to make… But, the correct term you’re probably thinking of is: “royalty-free”. Royalty free music is music […]

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