He wants to hire a scammer…

​Why would someone ask to hire a “scammer”? Sounds weird right? Well, this is an interesting story: Last night, I got an email from a customer… The kind of email that only stupid people send… The kind of email that does NOTHING but RUIN our future relationship… The kind of email that makes me not want this […]

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[Video] Why you hate learning

School isn’t fun. School is something you’re forced to do from childhood… Most people think learning is the same as the thing they did in school… It’s not. The thing is: Learning doesn’t have to be boring… You don’t have to feel like you’re forced to learn… You can actually learn things you’re INTERESTED IN […]

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Make music in minutes with this simple hack

Things have changed a lot since I made my first beat.  Resources were very limited when I first started in this thing…​ But today, there’s no excuse and soooooo much help available for you and your music.​ Now: There are thousands of helpful tutorials on YouTube that will show you how to make a beat… There […]

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Is your mind diet unhealthy?

What you feed your mind is more important than you think… Reading negative comments… Listening to people complain all day… Consuming a conveyor belt full of negative news… These things have an effect on you…even if you don’t notice at first. The more negative content you consume, the more negatively you will think… If you’re […]

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