Blog / Article Copywriting: Jay Cartere

I've been writing blogs and articles online since 2014. These examples are some of my recent work.

Keyword Research:

  • Investigated potential keywords
  • Found keywords with low competition, low domain ranking sites and low backlinks in the top ranking pages
  • Used keyword research data to create a content plan of articles with a good chance to rank on google
  • Used data to create the content with the best potential ROI first
fitness blog keyword research list

Subject Research:

  • Used my own experiences and knowledge of fitness to create the basis of articles
  • Checked other sources to ensure the information in my article is correct
  • Cited studies supporting my claims
oxford reference style to studies


  • Simplified complicated concepts - making them easy-to-understrand and read
  • Used Flesch-Kincaid readability test  to ensure article is at an 8th grade reading level

On Page SEO Optimisation:

  • Used Surfer SEO to optimise article by adding keywords, related keywords and NLP phrases
  • Naturally used keywords and related keywords throughout articles
  • Sourced and created images relevant to articles and added alt text containing related keywords
  • Analysed the 3 top ranking pages for target keyword - then created an article that covers everything the top 3 pages cover and any FAQs they missed
  • Achieved on page SEO scores of 75 - 86 in Surfer SEO 
surfer SEO high scores

Article Examples:

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