ark rented ps4 server

Join The BEST Boosted ARK PS4 Server Cluster For Mature Players

Enjoy the fun of ark without the saltiness and constant grinding of official servers. No salty squeakers allowed!



Only PATRONS Are Protected By The Rules!

All the admin tasks on the server are dealt with by me. No one else on the server has access to admin commands etc. in order to prevent admin abuse. This makes running the cluster very time consuming for me, especially when I have to sort out issues between players. That's why ONLY PATRONS will be protected by the rules. If you support the server financially then you deserve support and I will take the time to help you resolve any issues. If you do not become a patron then you cannot reasonably expect me to spend my time sorting out your problems - I unfortunately do not have a customer support team (although a customer support team would only provide support to CUSTOMERS)


  • Continually raiding someone for no reason will not be tolerated. - Give players 48hrs to rebuild after you raid them
  • Don't raid new players to the server (give people at least 48hrs to build up). New players need to post in the #48_HOURS_PROTECTION channel (in discord) to be eligible for protection - If a new player joins a tribe or tribes up with people who have been on the server for more than 48hrs then they give up their 48hrs protection.
  • NO attacking in community areas - but don't try and run to a community area in the middle of a fight
  • No raiding community areas e.g - warehouse or smelting area (you will be banned immediately)
  • Tribe limit is 8 players
  • Prisoners can only be handcuffed and caged for 24hrs max. After that time period they must be let out of handcuffs and cages and given basic human rights.
  • If any member of your tribe has not followed the steps on then your whole tribe is NOT protected by the rules
  • No racism or discrimination - you can trash talk all you want but don’t be a bigot
  • Don’t disrespect the admin or the server - If I raid you then a lil trash talk is fair enough, call me a pussy all you want but do not start being disrespectful and rude for no reason. If you’re going to be super salty after being raided then go play PVE.
  • Don't complain or moan about PVP happening or someone raiding you. This is a PVP server.
  • Do not give out the server password without my permission
  • Do not use map glitches/exploits to raid another player - sneaking under the map or through walls is not welcome around here!
  • Do not build in glitch spots or under the map/ in walls etc. 
  • If your character name is "human" or "mens" you will be banned
  • If your tribe name is "tribe of human" or "tribe of mens" you will be banned
  • Don't DM me unless you are a patron. Use the normal discord channels and only @ me if it's an emergency. 

There are no rules against open world PVP so be careful out there!

Here is how you REPORT someone breaking the rules:

Send a message in #Server_Reports channel in the discord including

  • What rule was broken?:
  • What is the PSN name of the person who broke the rule?:
  • What tribe are they in?:
  • Send a picture of your tribe log so we can see who is a member of your tribe and if they’re all registered
  • You must also send proof - this can be a screenshot or video etc. that proves your claim

Join this community of mature players today! If you become a patron you will become a part of something special. In the Cartere Cartel Community, you will find other like-minded people to play with and avoid salty 12 year olds calling you a fag using their mother's internet connection.

Patrons who pledge $3 and up will get monthly packages in their personal vaults (​check the rewards on the patron page here). These packages will help you save time and your monthly pledge will help me dedicate more time to managing/improving the servers and building this community of mature players.  

You are invited to join and  help support the growth of a mature community of gamers that will become something great! Even $1 a month will help out greatly and your contribution will not go unnoticed!

You must become a patron to play on my ARK cluster.

Change your discord name to your PSN name and add your tribe name in brackets. For example: JayCartere (ADMIN).

After you have become a patron, join the discord and post in the #new-patrons channel so I can get your vault rewards set up and add your role.

You will find the password for the server in the #patron-password channel of the discord.

If you are joining with a $3 patron and above (or want to play in our open weekends) then use the command ".iam scrub" in the #bots_and_commands channel or #new_players channel in the discord. 

This will give you the "scrub" role which will allow you to access more channels in the discord and complete your registration.



I'm Jay Cartere and I make videos on YouTube. This page is for those who want to play with me on my boosted ARK server on the PS4. Players will be featured in my ARK videos/livestreams on my YouTube channel. Your name (or channel name) will also be listed in all my future video descriptions if you are a patron.

I am hosting fun, boosted PVP servers for subscribers and fellow mature ARK fans who don’t have all day to grind out metal and tame a Dino. These servers are for mature players only and you will be able to enjoy the fun of ark without the saltiness and constant grinding of official servers. Salty Squeakers ARE NOT WELCOME!

These servers are PATRON ONLY ​but they will be open to the public at the weekends so you can come and check the servers out.

There are boosted, modded drops on all servers. There are TEK drops in the red drops on the Center and Island servers. There are also Aberration dinos spawning on all servers.

Auto Unlock Engrams is also enabled so you will unlock tek engrams at level 1 and you don't have to waste time unlocking engrams every level. Engram points and player levels are also raised so you can unlock everything.

So you must make a strategic decision. Do you set up a main base on the maps with TEK, to have a small advantage in firepower? Or do you set up a main base on Ragnarok, where you have access to GRIFFINS, WYVERNS and even ROCK ELEMENTALSThe choice is yours. I hope that this encourages some fun cross map PVP as well as a bunch of strategies and power struggles!

There is a communal area where trades and smelting may be done in peace. There will also be regular events (when we get enough patrons and hit our goals) where prizes can be won by players. An arena has also been created for PVP fights and tame fights that players can bet on.

If you want to RP or you don’t want to RP then you are also welcome on the server.

Remember this is a PVP cluster so PVP is encouraged and is not against the rules. Please
do not join if you will moan when you get into a fight.

Here are the rates on the server:

  • Breeding RATES

Mating Multiplier - 0.1

Baby Mature Speed Multiplier - 10

Lay egg interval multiplier - 0.3

Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier - 10

Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier - 5

Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier - 5

Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier - 0.1

Anyone In Your Tribe Can Cuddle The Baby

Crop Growth Speed Multiplier - 25

These rates may change and the other rates will be tested and added here when they’re confirmed.

I will strive to be an active admin and I aim to solve any issues in a timely manner. 

There will be no other admins to prevent any admin abuse etc. but I may appoint moderators to monitor the server and report back to me.

Thank you for reading! Let’s have fun surviving!

Have a question? Ask me on Discord or comment below!