Are you making these rapping mistakes?

The first songs I ever recorded were hot TRASH!

The lyrics were mediocre, the flow was boring…

I wasn’t good at rapping.

But, I thought I was FIRE because I didn’t know better.

That’s how most of us start out.

Wack af but thinking we’re pretty good…

Thing is:

You’re probably making the same mistakes I did…

And you have no idea you’re doing it.

You’ll keep on making the same mistakes until someone points it out…

So, what can you do?

There’s good news:

You can watch the video I just made for you that reveals 4 common rapping mistakes that make your song sound BORING…

This video will help you improve your songwriting and rapping skills…

And, it’ll also give you the keys you need to stop people SKIPPING your boring-ass songs and leave people WANTING MORE instead.

Click the link below now:

All the best,

Jay “We All Make Mistakes” Cartere


Wanna know how my collab with another producer from last week went?

I’ll reveal all the details tomorrow, see you there!

Jay Cartere

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