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February 25, 2022

This virus outbreak is super inconvenient…

More inconvenient for some than others.

People are losing their jobs…

People are being forced to stay home…

People are being forced to be around their children all day…

Hard times.

And of course:

People are getting very sick and dying.

Since I run an online business, I haven’t been affected by the virus too badly…

My lifestyle hasn’t changed much (I work from home and stay away from people anyway).

My income hasn’t changed much.

What has changed is:

Waiting 2 weeks for shopping and being unable to get food is a pain in the ass…

But, I know there are people out there who are being hit much harder than me.

You might be one of them…

You might taking this time to…do nothing.

But, don’t you wanna take this opportunity to create a better life for yourself?

Don’t you wanna put yourself in a position where you aren’t affected too badly by things like this?

Where your livelihood can’t be destroyed in an instant because of someone else’s decision?

Because the truth is:

Job security is a myth.

Job security disappeared many years ago.

You can only rely on what YOU control.

Having a side hustle isn’t just a good suggestion, it’s necessary now.

Do you wanna be like most people?

Most people are gonna waste this time away.

Most people are gonna sink their hours into watching Netflix and playing PS4.

(it’s okay to chill out, if that’s not ALL you’re doing)

Most people will NOT come out of this with a new skill, or a new income stream.

You don’t have to be like most people.

So, what should you do?

Why not make your own beats and take your music career into your own hands?

You can start selling beats online too…

You don’t know how?

No problem.

I’ve got the solution for you:

You can discover how to make FIRE beats from scratch at home in FL studio FAST.


For a limited time, you can claim a $50 discount on my new premium course…

The “Foolproof Formula For RnB Trap Production In FL Studio”…

You’ll discover the exact formula I use to whip up a FIRE beat for my songs in an hour.

This formula is based in music theory so it works, every time.

All you gotta do is pre-order the course to claim your $50 discount.

You’ll get early access to video lessons as they’re uploaded.

You’ll get full access to the course when it’s released…

And, you can help shape the course by giving me suggestions of the content you want to be added…

Click the link below for more info:

All the best,

Jay” Control Your Future” Cartere


Spread the word:

Please do not buy toilet paper like it’s going out of fashion…

It doesn’t make logical sense.

FOOD is important in a crisis, not toilet paper.

You can wash your ass.

You can’t wash your hunger.

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