Who Am I?

freelance funnel consultant and direct response copywriter

Hey, I'm Jay.

I help you write engaging content that grows your brand, builds authority and attracts inbound leads online.

I'm your go-to guy when you're sick of creating content that gets ignored.

I'm here to help you write content your ideal clients can't wait to read.

The result:

You'll become a leading authority in your industry, build an engaged audience, and swim in a flood of inbound leads.

My story:

I’ve been creating content online since 2011.

It was hard to come up with content ideas at first.

It was hard to create the right kinda content.

It was hard to find the right content format.


I’ve got too many content ideas to post.

I know exactly what kinda content to post.

I know exactly how to format my content for more engagement & leads.

I’ve grown an audience of 88,041 across YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin.

I’ve published over 3,009 videos and countless text posts.

I’ve generated 437.4 million organic views across my content.

And - I'll never run out of content ideas again.

Having too many content ideas is a problem that comes from years of experience...or from learning directly from someone who's spent years learning and testing.

That’s why I’m sharing my knowledge, expertise, systems and tips with you.

I'll help you create better content.

I'll help you be a better writer.

I'll help you get more leads.

If you're reading this - this is proof my strategies work.

(you're here because of my content, right?)

Keep reading my content and I'll save you the years of trial and error it took me to get here.

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