April 10, 2015

Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | Why you should be selfish

If you don’t worry about you, who will?

Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | Why you should be selfish

I believe everyone should be selfish and pursue his or her goals, but not necessarily at the expense of others. I also think you should be transparent with your motives. For example, if I want someone to do something for me, I’ll first offer them something useful to them and tell them what I want in return. I won’t sugar you up with compliments that I don’t believe are true and I won’t waste both our time by pretending I don’t want anything. I like to be straightforward and direct, that way if someone isn’t interested in helping me they tell me straight away and I don’t have to waste my time pursuing that goal anymore.

Keep in mind that I think you should always offer something first as people are motivated best by personal gain. If you don’t have something to offer, wait until you do or put yourself at that person’s mercy. If you’re happy doing that then by all means, do you, but I’d suggest entering that situation comfortable with taking an L (a loss). If you don’t, then you may end up having to beg or compromise your vision and/or morals and I can’t advise that at all.

Time to get more shit done.Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | Why you should be selfish

Last night it took 8 hours for me to export the Wale album review that me and Mike shot on Tuesday. Today it took about 9 hours for it to upload to YouTube. That’s the joy of editing videos I guess.

But that doesn’t matter. I had shit to do today and I got it done.

First of all I got the super boring stuff out the way – more editing. I edited my Q&A video so it was ready for release on Friday.

And then I chilled out a little. I hit up twitter for about half an hour to see what was going on and stuff. At this point I felt the urge to play PS4. It was sitting across the room looking at me, gathering dust and making me feel almost guilty for not shooting guys in their face online like a nigga’s supposed to, but I stayed strong, I persevered and I ended up spending about 3 hours writing my book and I got quite a lot done. Well, I wrote a section in a chapter, but it was long section in what’s looking like a long chapter so don’t take the piss bruv.

This book seems like it’s going to be a little longer than I previously thought it was going to be, that’s neither good or bad tbh – just worth noting.

So that was my day. If I enlightened you in some way opened your mind tell me on Twitter, if I didn’t, then you can suck balls.

Do more.

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