May 5, 2015

Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | Why You Need A Music Video

I wrote this post a while ago on Music Think Tank. I figured you guys might want to check it out here.

Back in the 80s, it may have been enough for you to release a song with no visuals. This song may have then touched the hearts of many who would grow to love your music and you as an artist.

Snap back to the modern age and you’d be Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | Why You Need A Music Videolucky if anyone would take the time to shake a stick at your audio-only release. In this day and age, you NEED a music video to accompany your song. Whether it’s a professional video or you singing your heart into your webcam, a visual aid will definitely boost your chances of capturing new fans tenfold. When’s the last time you downloaded a mixtape or bought an album from an artist you didn’t know?

Been a while huh? Unless their friends are hyping up the project or they’ve seen an amazing promotional video, the likelihood of an average listener taking a chance and slogging through a whole project of some guy they’ve never heard of is as slim as a runway model.

Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | Why You Need A Music VideoYour best bet to generate interest around yourself as an upcoming artist and get people to listen to your music is with a music video campaign. I realised this back in 2012 when I was getting ready to release my third project Snickers + Pringles. It became evident to me that people were engaging with my visual releases much more than my 20 track mixtapes. I could rack up thousands of views on something I had recorded on a low quality Sony Handycam but would receive under 300 downloads of my mixtape. This revelation caused me to form CoolCut Films, a video production company dedicated to producing high quality visuals for people on a budget.

Think of a music video as a marketing investment. You want to showcase your character, your style, your image and most importantly your music. Once you’ve penetrated the short attention span of the average listener and made them aware of your music, you can direct them to your mixtape download or audio release. And that’s why you need a music video. For video inquiries, email

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Jay Cartere

Who is Jay Cartere?

It's a long story, but I'm going to make it short because I respek your time...

I'm a producer, rapper, singer and creative entrepreneur from London.

My musical journey started in 2007 when I decide to spit some lyrics to a grime beat... through a laptop.

That's right, no mic or anything - I was spitting DIRECTLY into the laptop cuz.

It's safe to say things have changed since then...

But, that's not all:

The journey has never been easy...I had to put my entrepreneurial mind to work and figure this stuff out.

I taught myself how to record and engineer my music.

I also had to learn how to film and edit music videos.

How to market, promote, sell and build a business.

Poverty gave me the pressure I needed to develop these skills...

Now I'm gonna share those skills with you...

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