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Who am I?:

Hey, I'm Jay.

I help creatives take their health into their own hands, look amazing naked and build a life they love.

I'm the guy creatives come to when they wanna go from soft, self-conscious & always-tired to ripped, confident and full of energy. 

No abs in 30 days lies. No unsustainable diets. No unhealthy shortcuts making you hate your life and gain all the weight back.

Over the years, while studying human psychology, marketing, creativity and fitness, I've found one thing stays true in every aspect of life:

Real transformations take real work and real time.

I help creatives transform their diet, train effectively and think outside the box so they can lose fat, gain muscle and develop their business from home.

As a creative with a passion for health & fitness, I've transformed my body from lean to average, average to fat, fat to ripped.

I've spent 16+ years studying nutrition, training science and human psychology.

I've spent 16+ years messing up, testing, figuring stuff out and learning what works.

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