May 27

The New Poltergeist: How I Feel About Movie Remakes


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Let me start off by saying that I haven’t seen the new (or old) version of Poltergeist and this is not a review. This post is about my feelings towards the recent trend of remaking old movies within the film industry.

I fully intend to watch the new version of Poltergeist at some point, although I’m not rushing to do so. That has more to do with the free time I currently have than my opinions on remakes though. I’ve watched a few reviews and the common theme I found (as with most remakes) was that many people feel like this film wasn’t needed or original enough. I personally think the trailer looks alright, sans the acting of the children.

Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | Poltergeist Released: How I Feel About Movie Remakes

I feel that a lot of people don’t really understand the thought process behind the recent flush of remakes in Hollywood. You may believe that these films are made to make money, and you could be right, but the more important question is, who is the target audience for these remakes?

People who watched the original usually hate remakes. I can relate to this (the remake of Oldboy was very disappointing, almost offensively whack compared to the original), but what if these films are made for audiences that didn’t see the original? I personally believe that remakes, like most entertainment, are targeted at people under the age of 25. These people are much less likely to have seen the original version of a remake. 

Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | Poltergeist Released: How I Feel About Movie Remakes

I hate any old films that have action and/or special effects. 90% of them look like crap in this day and age (in my humble opinion). I rarely like to watch a film that was made before I was born (in 1993), unless it’s heavily focused on dialogue and intrigue and has little to no special effects.

That’s why I don’t mind watching remakes at all (as long as I haven’t seen the original). There are many critically acclaimed films that I will never go back and watch because they age as well as milk left out in the sun. I’m happy, even relieved, that I can instead watch a glossy version of Poltergeist that can meet today’s standards in picture quality and special effects.

How do you feel about movie remakes? Are you gonna watch this new version of Poltergeist? Comment below!


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