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The Love Story Is Out Now

After finishing my last mixtape Caesar Augustus, I took a short break from making music. I ended up spending last year working on a dance music EP that has now become The Love Story.

The video below explains exactly how I got into dance music and all that. I don’t particularly enjoy repeating myself so I won’t reiterate the story here.

The Love Story basically tells a story of love. I bet you couldn’t of guessed that right? It starts with songs about having fun and partying, then it talks about wanting and entering a relationship. And after that, the project culminates in that relationship ending, like so many do, and me moving on.

I hope you guys like it. Thank you to everyone who supports me and takes the time to listen, read and watch the stuff I put out. A special thank you goes out to everyone who shares this post and helps to promote the EP. I really appreciate every one of you who has bought the EP already.

Please buy the EP now if you can and you haven’t already done so. There’s bare tunes on there for you to fist pump to and all that shit. If you’re a broke student and you have to choose between eating and buying the EP, that food isn’t worth it. Nah, I’m playing. Please eat instead. You can support me by listening to it on Spotify and helping me promote by sharing the iTunes link etc.

Let me know what you thought of The Love Story on Twitter – @JayCartere and screenshot your purchase so I can RT you.

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