Talk About It – Future & Gucci Mane – Zone 6 Review, AI Vs Humanity – Whose Side Would You Be On?

In this episode of the Talk About It Podcast, Jay Carteré and Mike talk about another variety of topics:

Future & Gucci Mane – Zone 6 (Mixtape Review)

Chip – Winter Time (Song Review)

67 – Jump Out Gang (Song Review)

Mo Stack – Block Popping (Song Review)

Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather. Will it happen? Who’d win?

Why strip a man who you are accusing to be gay?

If you had the option between world peace or getting 7 billion pounds, which would you choose?

If computers started fighting against humans, who’s side would you be on?

If you was dating a girl that you really like and found out she had a sex tape what would you do?


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Jay Carteré

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