Talk About It – J Cole – False Prophets (Song Review), Is Soulja Boy A Walking Meme?

In this episode of the Talk About It Podcast, Jay Carteré and Mike talk about another variety of topics:

Childish Gambino Album and why we couldn’t review it?

J Cole – False Prophets (Song Review) Sends message to Kanye, shots at wale & drake?

Was Cole wrong to go after someone who’s “mentally unstable”? Was it a diss?

Kim Kardashian Leaving Kanye West?

Wale – Groundhog (response to J Cole)

J Cole – One day everybody gotta die (Song Review) shots at lil yachty, lil uzi vert and mumble rappers?

J Cole Eyez documentary review

21 Savage vs Tyga

Gucci Mane – St Brick Intro (Song Review)

Was Charlemagne wrong for meeting Tomi Lauren?

Soulja Boy Vs Quavo Beef. Should we take Soulja Boy serious? Is Soulja Boy a living meme?


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Jay Carteré

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