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Melodic Trap Stimulus Package Basic  × 1 $39.95
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What others are saying:

"I got 5 joints because the price and value of the situation - you just can’t beat it.

The singing rapper starter package helped me by making me step outside the box as far as approaching my songs.

The one thing I liked most about this product was the fact it was instant and he sent me stems (not just MP3 files). That just opened up the door for unlimited creativity. I like the fresh sound, radio/mainstream feeling and the price."

Tommy Grams, Artist

"These beats helped a lot, I've got songs that I've written years ago and recent that I can now put to the beats and use them as I would've if I had these resources before.

The one thing I liked most about these beats was that they're somewhat tailored to my style and how easy it was to put my songs to them.

Three other benefits of these beats are variety, unlimited sales and the value for money .

I would recommend this product to other artists 100% because it's a hard grind out there, some people have the hardest and realist bars but they can't make money from them and making the bridge for us is just the kind of opportunity we need ."

Elias Chambers, Spoken Word Poetic Rapper