April 7, 2015

Jay Carteré|Jay cartere|sleeping pattern |

Jay Carteré|Jay cartere|sleeping pattern |In my efforts to sculpt my sleeping pattern into something that resembles that of a human and not a vampire, I left a few aspects of mastering out yesterday in order to complete it today. All I had to do was listen to the project a few times on my speakers and my iPhone, but falling asleep at around 5am and getting up at 2pm didn’t help that much. I ended up spending way too much time soaking in the bath and engaging in conversations that I didn’t have the luxury to spend time on.


I did, however, do a little exercise this morning so that’s a plus.

Jay Carteré|Jay cartere|sleeping pattern |

I had planned to master and finish beats, and spend two hours writing my book on how to create a song from scratch at home (yes, I’m writing a book, big up to me, bap bap) in addition to completing the tedious mastering process I had begun yesterday.

After finishing eating dinner at 9:17 pm (late as fuck right?) I decided to spend the rest of the day working on my book since it was a bit late to be blasting these sick trap beats out my speakers. I gotta think about Jay Carteré|Jay cartere|sleeping pattern |my neighbours and shit because I am an upstanding member of society, obviously.

I spent about 2 hours and a bit on writing my book. I’ve got the first chapter done now (setting up a home studio) and I’ve outlined the rest of the chapters and sections that I’m going to include.

After that I received some feedback on my project that’s going to require me to revisit the mastering process tomorrow, how fun (!) KMT.

All in all, I had a mediocre day compared to the one I planned, but I did get 2 out of 3 things done. Plus, I did a little extra with the writing shit to make up for my lack of producing, so I’m not too disappointed.

I’m now going to attempt to correct my sleeping pattern once again. I’m going to bed at about 2am and I’m going to try and get up for 10am so I can get the most out of each hour in the day.

What did you do today? Let me know on Twitter. Or, if you didn’t take one step closer to realising your dreams today, use my travels as inspiration and embark on your journey tomorrow.


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