April 11, 2015

Jay Carteré|Jay Cartere|Men Can Multitask Too

Today I woke up, done my usual morning routine, added cards and annotations to both my Q&A video and my review of the new Wale album. Then I set my sites on my goals for the weekend: making beats.

About a week ago (cue shmurda dance) I set out to produce at least 5 beats a week. I had initially intended Jay Carteré|Jay Cartere|Men Can Multitask Tooto make a beat a day from Monday to Friday and then take the weekends off but things didn’t really work out that way.

I started a few different projects recently which requires me to divide my time up more efficiently, so I figured that the best way to go about it would be to focus on working on the book I’m writing early in the week and then focus on making music in the latter end of the week. I work better when I focus on a specific thing and follow it through to the end, so that’s how my 1 beat a day plan turned 5 beats in two days.

The batch production work method works wonders for me. I’m able to complete a lot of work just by focusing on getting it done first and then refining it at a later stage. However, many people don’t have the ability to intensely focus on something, for a long periodical amount of time so if that sounds like you, you may need to incorporate regular 15 minute breaks for each hour of work. Personally I prefer to work non-stop for about 2 hours, then take half an hour break instead of interrupting my work time, but try both methods out and see what works best for you.

Before I even started producing, I spent about an hour in the bath soaking up some knowledge about money management by watching a Robert Kiyosaki youtube video.

After that, I started making a beat whilst working on my production chapter from my book (see, men CAN multitask).

I spent about 3 hours on that, I ending up completing another chapter section and a half but didn’t finish the beat. Smh, multitasking is looooooooong, but I’ve got to do it in order to write this book accurately. Tomorrow I’m going to spend the day making other beats and I’ll get back to this book writing shit on Monday.

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