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April 6, 2015

I got up at 4pm today. My sleeping pattern is a joke, but I don’t find it funny.

Also, this is written on Sunday, so I guess I’m going to be writing these posts one day before they actually come out. So when I upload a post on Tuesday, I’m actually writing about shit that happened on Monday and so forth.

Anyways, today I spent most of the day doing something I don’t enjoy at all.

master your craft | Jay Carteré
Boring mastering stuff

I spent today mastering my EP (here’s a Wikipedia post explaining what mastering is if you don’t know already). I don’t hate all aspects of mastering; I mean it is tedious to continually export a track, add all the relevant plug ins, twiddle the knobs and whatnot, and then realise I fucked up in mixing and now I have to go back and repeat the process. That shit happens again and again and again, but that’s not even the part I hate. The part I hate is having to listen to these songs multiple times whilst devoting all my energy to just sit there and attentively listen. I hate that shit. In fact right now as I’m supposed to be listening attentively, but I’m multitasking by writing this post at the same time. I just hate feeling unproductive.

Some positives did come from my time mastering today though.

master your craft | Jay Carteré
More boring mastering stuff

Listening back to my dance EP, I actually feel proud of myself. I don’t usually take the time to feel proud of my accomplishments tbh. When I make songs or anything, I move on to the next project almost immediately and completely disregard what I’ve done before. I’m always onto the next thing because I want to be successful and that makes me feel guilty if I take a break for too long, but spending time mastering this project, forcing myself to listen to it repeatedly has made me appreciate the amount of work I put into it. I spent about a year writing and producing songs in a genre I hadn’t even thought about previously and I’ve done a pretty good job in my opinion.

I feel as though I can do anything as long as I commit to it and put the time into educating myself on the subject. 3 years ago I would have never thought I’d be able to make a dance song, let alone produce and sing and all of that shit. So that just goes to show you that you can do anything you put your mind to, as long as you set a goal to master your craft and utilise tools like the internet to teach you how.

master your craft | Jay Carteré
You must REALLY like boring pictures of mastering innit

Also, don’t forget to appreciate your successes, no matter how small. Don’t allow yourself to become complacent, but don’t just focus on what you haven’t accomplished – take a little pride in the things you’ve created or instances in which you succeeded at something. If you haven’t had any successes in anything at all, then it’s time for you to start doing shit. You can’t win if you don’t play the game and every failure is just another lesson on how to change things next time.

I’m going to go try and listen back to this project yet again and fix up my sleeping pattern now.

Thanks for reading anyway, I hope I taught you something, entertained you and/or inspired you.

Remember to master your craft. Do more.

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Lose Fat. Build Muscle. Create Your Dream Body.

Join 2,096+ creators building their dream life & body while reading the Digital Art Dealers Newsletter.

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