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April 5, 2015

It’s 6:41 on Easter Sunday and I’m awake.

I want to inspire you

I’m not awake because I just woke up though, I’m awake because I tried to go to sleep in order to get up tomorrow and do some cool shit but a burning thought kept me from drifting off into my magical slumber (no homo).

I was asked a question yesterday that I had never pondered or gave much thought to previously, that question was “What is your lifetime goal”? Before being asked this question my furthest goal into the future was to become financially stable by doing something that I enjoyed (making music) and that was about it, but after receiving this question, my mind opened up to much greater ideas and less selfish goals. I realised that my lifetime goal is to inspire people, to inspire you, reading this post right now. I want to show everyone that it is possible to chase your dreams. I want to show you that you don’t have to live your life working for a company you don’t like, doing shit you’d rather not do.

I want to inspire you

Growing up I had very little encouragement to chase my dreams and make a living doing something I enjoy. My mother, the sweet lady that she is, always conditioned me to go to school and get a job. To this day she still encourages me to get a ‘normal job’ and although I know she means well, these words of encouragement instead highlight her disbelief in what I’ve chosen to do with my life. Many parents frown upon their children pursuing creative careers and I understand that – they have seen no immediate evidence that it can work out and I can’t blame them for being sceptical given the information they have at hand, but I want to be that evidence. I want you to know that you can do anything you want to if you’re focused and you work hard at it.

I half listened to my mum though, I did stay in school and luckily for a brief period I had the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program. I initially was up for it because it meant I could miss lessons and any chance to miss a lesson was a good thing to me, but I was taught many valuable life lessons in those mentoring sessions. I became much more open minded as a result, but there’s a specific phrase that I was taught that I believe still influences me to this day. I was taught that J.O.B was an acronym for Just Over Broke.

Think about it.

I want to inspire you

A  job has you working to build someone else’s dream for a salary that pays your bills and, if you’re lucky, gives you a little extra to spend. That’s just over broke, right?

And I’m in university now so my mum can’t even say I’m a bum.

I do feel like uni wastes a lot of my time that I could be spending on more productive things though. It takes me like 3 hours to get to and from Uni, add another 2 hours for a lesson a day – 4 hours on a long day – that’s 5-7 hours spent on learning something I could of learned at home in 30 minutes. With the internet at my fingertips I don’t even see the point of traditional education establishments anymore, why should I pay you 9k a year when I can find all the information myself at home and I just have to pay Virgin Media £25 a month? Don’t take this as me telling you that you should drop out of uni though, if you wanna be a lawyer or pursue some sort of career that needs a degree then you’re stuck there. I’m not going to drop out of uni either – that student loan is a great tool to help me pursue my music career and give me time to build my businesses. I just want you to know that you have the option to do what you want to do if university is not for you.

I’m gonna make an effort to blog every day from now on (Thank you to Aysh Banaysh for designing my slick new website btw). I want to show you how productive I’ve been so I inspire you to become productive yourself, and on days that I’m not productive I want to force myself to let everyone know I’m being lazy so that I’m ashamed of it and I push myself to do more.

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And I hope I’ve inspired you, even a little, to chase your dreams and do more.

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