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February 18, 2016

I started a podcast with my friend Mike about a month ago and it’s been great. The hilarious and insightful conversations we usually have normally are converted into pieces of entertaining content that the general public can check out and enjoy. If you want to learn how to start a podcast for yourself, this post will give you step by step instructions on how to start a podcast on iTunes for free.

1. Create a podcast name

Coming up with a good podcast name is extremely important. Try to pick something that captures the essence of what your podcast represents but also try to make it catchy. This is a balancing act that may be difficult, but you should definitely take as much time as you need in order to get this part right.

2. Create a release and recording schedule

Consistency is key when it comes to building an audience and brand awareness. Think about how much time you have to dedicate to the podcast, how long the episodes will be, when you’ll record those episodes and what day you’ll release them.
If you can only consistently release one podcast a month, then do that. I’d suggest a weekly show preferably, but do whatever you can keep up consistently.

3. Record the podcast

Recording the podcast is a pretty simple process if you’re familiar with audio recording at all. If not, there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you become better at audio engineering.

First of all, you need a microphone. Choosing one will depend on how much you’re willing to spend. Be sure to search around and see what would suit your budget the best. Feel free to check out the equipment I use to record my music and podcasts.

Secondly, you’ll need a DAW to record your audio into. There are a few free ones available like Audacity and Reaper, I personally use Logic pro X, so I can’t offer any advice specific to those DAWs but the only effects you’ll really need to use are compression and EQ.

After you’ve recorded your podcast and applied all the necessary effects, you should then export your audio, name it appropriately and move on to the next step.
My book How To Make A Song At Home will help you to ensure your podcast audio is of great quality.

4. Upload the podcast to SoundCloud

If you haven’t got a SoundCloud account already, now’s the time to create one. The sign up process is pretty straightforward. You get 2 hours of uploads for free onSoundCloud, but you can upgrade to a pro account once you start taking your podcast more seriously. After you’ve done that, you should upload your audio and add your metadata.

Your title should include your podcast name, unless you’ve already used your podcast name as your SoundCloud profile name, and a hint at the topics you’ll be discussing in the episode. Here’s an example of one of my podcast titles:

Talk About It – Blac Chyna Dating Rob Kardashian, Should All Drugs Be Legal?

You can be as creative as you wish with your titles, but I’d advise you to keep SEO optimisation in mind (think about the kind of things people will search for in Google that might lead them to your podcast).

Your description should also be used to tell a prospective viewer what is discussed in that particular episode, here’s an example of one of mine:

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In this episode of the Talk About It Podcast, Jay Carteré and Mike talk about another 4 topics:

Stormzy Vs Dappy, J Spades, Dillan Whyte, Cadell and more

Are The Oscars and Hollywood racist?

Blac Chyna dating Rob Kardashian – Is it a publicity stunt?

Should all drugs be legalised?


Follow us on Twitter – @JayCartere , @MichaelRose94

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Your tags should include any words that relate to what you discuss in the episode, the podcast name and the name of the host and any guests. Here are the tags I used for the episode above:

talk about it, podcast, london, uk, jay cartere, jay carteré, mike rose, michael rose, blac china, black china, dating, rob kardashian, drugs, should all drugs be legal, oscars, academy award, hollywood, racism, stormzy, grime, cadell, j spades, dappy, Dillan, whyte, publicity stunt, discussion

5. Create cover art and upload to imgur or another image hosting site

Use Canva or some other photo editing software to create the cover art for your podcast. The cover should include the name of your podcast at least but feel free to be as creative as you wish. You can check out the cover of my podcast below. After you’ve created the cover art, you’ll need to upload it to an image hosting site such as imgur or your own website. Copy the link to the image and keep it safe for later.

#TalkAboutIt | Talk About It | Podcast | London| Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere

6. Burn the RSS feed from SoundCloud to Feedburner

Go to your SoundCloud settings, then navigate to the content tab. Your rss feed will be located here. Also make sure that  ‘include in RSS Feed’ is checked under upload defaults.

  • Fill out the information of your podcast on this page and then copy the RSS feed.
  • Sign up for a feed burner account and burn your RSS feed from SoundCloud.
  • Create a custom feed link and fill in your metadata (this is what will show up in iTunes)
  • Paste the link to your cover art into the box titled ‘podcast image location’.

7. Submit RSS feed to iTunes

To submit your podcast feed, click ‘Submit a Podcast‘ in the Podcast Quick Links of the Podcasts section in the iTunes Store. You will need to create an Apple ID if you don’t already have one. Your podcast may take a little while to appear in the store as it is reviewed first, but it shouldn’t take any longer than 72 hours.

8. Share your podcast

So you’ve uploaded your podcast, but you don’t have any listeners yet! Now is the time to announce your podcast and share it on your social media networks and your website (if you have one).

You can hire me to help you market your podcast on twitter by sending me an email, or tweeting me!


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