How To Be More Productive Each Day

Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | How To Be More ProductiveNoting down what you want to get done each day makes you much more productive uno.

Setting clear goals and creating a to-do list of things that I want to accomplish that day helps me make much better use of my time. I used to waste a lot of time just wondering about what I wanted to do next, now all that time is spent productively working towards what I set out to do at the start of the day.

My morning routine goes something like this.

  • Well, the night before I’ll go to sleep 9 hours before I plan to start the day.
  • I’ll set my alarm 8 hours and 30 minutes later than when I go to sleep
  • When I wake up, I’ll spend half an hour on twitter, checking out the latest news, funny pictures and whatever
  • Then I’ll get up, do 30 pull ups and 40 push ups, (I’m trying to work my way back into exercising slowly)
  • After that I’ll put the kettle on and turn on and run a bath
  • After the kettle has done it’s thing I’ll make a cup of coffee and a bowl of oats
  • While eating that bowl of oats, I’ll watch a YouTube video or something – maybe a film review or something educational
  • After that bowl of oats is all in my stomach, I’ll edit my daily post from the previous night and add pictures etc.
  • By the time that’s done my bath will be ready to jump in, so I proceed to do that, get out and brush my teeth
  • Then I’ll wash up any dishes from yesterday
  • And now I’m ready to start tackling the tasks of the day

If you you’re self-employed or want to be, start doing this NOW.Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | How To Be More Productive

Edit it to your liking obviously, but the important part is giving yourself the time to get into the day. When I set an alarm and have to get up when that alarm goes off I feel like I was forced to get up, I feel irritable and worst of all I don’t feel enthusiastic or productive. With this routine, I usually wake up before my alarm and that gives me 30 mins – an hour to stop being drowsy and annoyed at the fact that I can’t sleep anymore.


Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | How To Be More Productive

If you’ve got a job or have to get into uni, add your journey time and getting dressed time etc. on top of the 9 hours when you set your alarm. Also, wash any dishes after you come home and run your bath as soon as you get out of bed (I’ve got to wait until my boiler heats up kmt). Start going bed earlier to give yourself the time you need to enjoy your day.

Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | How To Be More ProductiveI started the day by freeing up space on my mac using this app (it’s free so you should grab it if you need it), then I edited the review of Wale’s new album that me and Mike filmed yesterday.

After doing all that, I decided to take an hour break where I watched the listening session of Wale’s new album.

I then ate and watched an episode of catfish before I wrote my post about someone trying to catfish me on Instagram.

And lastly, I sent my EP and all the relevant info to my distributor in order for it to be ready for its release date on the 11th May.

Today I completed everything on my to do list except for mastering and finishing beats. Usually I put 3 daily goals on my to-do list but today I put four and I ended up clearing up space on my mac which wasn’t even part of the plan.

Jay Carteré | Jay Cartere | How To Be More ProductiveI usually add whatever I’ve got leftover to my to-do list for tomorrow, but I might postpone the mastering and finishing beats and instead create 5 more beats by this Saturday, then edit and master them all on Sunday. I feel that splitting up aspects of a project like this makes everything get done much more efficiently.

Hopefully you can apply some of this stuff to your own life and take some value from it. Let me know if it works out or not on Twitter.

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