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Inside this FREE workbook & checklist you'll discover:

  • The 7 step email sequence that turns leads into buyers while you sleep
  • How to create the perfect lead magnet that brings in qualified leads on autopilot
  • The unusual system that turns 1 piece of content into 20+ pieces of captivating content
  • The secrets to keeping your brand consistent and trustworthy - even if you hire a ghostwriter
  • The game-changing product type that makes leads trust you and rush to give you more money
  • The 7-step formula for defining your unique story (this builds your credibility and authority online)
  • How to create an unstoppable lead generation funnel that turns followers into raving evangelists
  • How to create a powerful content strategy that builds your authority and attracts high-quality leads
  • The 4 step solution to building a personal brand that attracts your ideal clients and impacts the world
  • My entire personal branding strategy revealed (steal my personal branding strategy to inspire your own!)
  • 4 critical questions that unearth the power of your brand voice - captivating your ideal clients with irresistable personality
  • Your social media bio should be about you, right? WRONG! (Discover how to craft a bio that grabs the eyeballs of your ideal client in seconds)

Who Am I?

freelance funnel consultant and direct response copywriter

Hey, I'm Jay.

I help founders & entreprenurs grow their personal brand, build authority and get inbound leads online.

I'm your go-to guy when you're sick of creating content that disappears into the internet shadow realm. Together, we'll start creating content your target audience is actively searching for and can't wait to read.

I'm here to help you revamp your digital footprint, get you organic traffic on autopilot by ranking on Google and YouTube, and fine-tune your sales funnels.

The result?

You'll become a leading authority in your industry, build an engaged audience, and swim in a flood of inbound leads.

As a creator and entrepreneur, I've dived headfirst into the world of personal branding, content marketing, direct response copywriting and getting inbound leads.

Since 2011 - I've crafted countless pieces of online content (over 3007+ YouTube videos, over 170k tweets and hundreds of blog posts).

I've experimented, stumbled, triumphed, and discovered the secret recipe that makes people engage and click.

I've devoured books and on branding, copywriting, psychology and digital marketing.

I've taken courses, watched videos, but more importantly - I've been in the trenches applying everything I've learned for over a decade.

Now, as a seasoned personal branding strategist, direct response copywriter, content marketer and lead generation ninja, I'm here to help you grow your personal brand online.

Let me save you the years of trial and error it took me to master this game.

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Join 2864+ founders & entrepreneurs growing their personal brand while reading the Everything Is Marketing Newsletter.

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