College Dropout REVEALS: 
How I Went From
Broke AF
To A Full-Time Income
On YouTube
​Millions Of Subscribers
Or Views
In 5 Simple Steps

youtube certified marketer

What you’ll discover in this course:

  • The secret method I use to consistently get hundreds of thousands of views in my sleep (this will bring you more views and subscribers FOREVER...)
  • How I make over $3,000+ a month with my YouTube channel (with less than $1000 coming from adsense!) Use this to STOP BEING a STARVING ARTIST!! 
  • Why nobody wants to subscribe to your channel (and how to fix this in 5 seconds).
  • The type of content you need to make to get MORE views and AVOID burning out (using this information will completely change the future of your channel).
  • The reason why making a variety of content is KILLING your YouTube channel (and what you need to do instead for MAJOR results).
  • How you can make money with a small YouTube channel even if your channel isn't monetized (you will earn WAY MORE money from this than adsense).
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Your Teacher:

I'm a *YouTube Certified* marketer, music producer, artist and entrepreneur...

 And, I live a life of ultimate freedom.

I get to wake up and do what I WANT to do every day.

But that wasn't always the case...

I used to be a broke college kid that had dreams of being a creative entrepreneur.

In 2016, I was close to being homeless…

I had less than $1,000 to my name and times were tough.

Music and YouTube wasn’t paying my bills, things were NOT looking up...


I thought about quitting more than a few times…

But there’s more:

Learning from my mistakes, pushing through the hard times and creating a system that works consistently - got me where I am today.

Now I’m able to make over $3,000+ a month in my SLEEP!


Everyday I get to create the videos and content that I want to make - knowing that my bills are paid and my income is safe from demonetization!

Now, you don’t need to go through what I went through.


(HOV did that, so hopefully you won’t have to go through that!)

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“But why would you share your advice and strategies with anyone?” I hear you ask…

The answer is simple:

Because there’s more than enough success to go around!


The more creatives that become successful and build lives they love - the less bitter trolls we’ll get in the YouTube comments section!

I believe that If you want to make the world a better place, you gotta do it one person at a time.

Each creative I help to become successful and live a life they love and enjoy - is another step closer to a better, less toxic, world.

If I can do it, in a robe, in poverty, in my bedroom - you can do it too.

Use the free course and my daily emails to grow your YouTube channel, promote your creative work and create the life you want to wake up to in the morning!

I’m looking forward to hearing your success story!

Jay Cartere

Founder, Grow On YouTube


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