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Why you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur

The truth is, you might be better off just holding down a regular job.​ This entrepreneur life isn’t for everyone… It’s:  – stressful  – unreliable  – exhausting  – not for lazy people  There are:  – No guarantees  – A lot of sacrifices  – Entitled customers  – Days where you make $0  You will:  – Have […]

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Make music faster

Whether you’re new to music production or you’ve been producing for years, you know that it can be hard to come up with fresh melodies and chord progressions that are also FIRE… You also know that when you have this problem too many times in a row, you can start to feel like it’s IMPOSSIBLE for […]

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How to get rich if you’re broke

​Lemme be straight, in this email I’ll reveal how you can go from being broke to making comfortable money doing what you love… The method to get RICH is to basically do what I’m gonna tell you…and do it to the MAX. Most people won’t give you this honest truth…because they want to make everything sound […]

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Success secrets of a hollywood legend

​I am so damn EXCITED today! I’ll tell you why if you read on… But, before that, I wanna tell you little story: Last night before I was going to sleep, I had my nightly ritual of listening to the Joe Rogan podcast.  And, I heard something very interesting: Something I never considered but, it astounded me when I thought about it… I […]

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Here’s why you’ll be a starving artist forever

​Over the past 2 days I’ve discovered something life-changing. And, I’ll tell you about it in a minute… But, first: Do you know why most musicians are starving artists? Why they’re usually stuck in soul-crushing jobs that leave them unfulfilled? It’s not because they’re WACK…. even wack stuff can sell (People VOLUNTARILY buy Yeezys for pete’s sake). It’s not because “people don’t buy […]

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This HACK will save you hours…

​Coming up with a good melody is one of the hardest things for most producers… That’s why I’m about to make it 100x easier for you. Read on. As I’m writing this, I’m chilling in my robe, drinking a smoothie and a cup of coffee at the same time… I don’t recommend doing this, because it’s […]

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I almost didn’t send this email…

I woke up feeling TIRED AF this morning. Wow. So tired I almost skipped writing today’s email… But, here’s why I didn’t: I actually enjoy writing these emails… I like getting better at writing… I like sharing gems with you… That’s not all: I also thought about taking a day off. And, I could.  It wouldn’t […]

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