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The best way to write great songs

​Yoo, good morning! As I sit here writing this to you, the bitter taste of black coffee still lingers on my tongue. It’s the start of a new week and I’m excited to get to work, sharing a bunch of great new content with you… Both here, in these emails, and through the helpful videos on my YouTube channel. […]

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How to arrange your songs and beats

​What’s the most important part of your song? I’ll reveal the answer in a minute but, try to guess… A big mistake a lot of artists make is simply having a crap structure for their song… When you have bad arrangement, you have a bad song… Thing is: Our brains are trained to expect certain structures when we hear […]

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Save CPU, save time, save your song

Yoo, I hope you’re having a great day… Are you looking forward to the weekend? Anyways my day has started with… Mixed results. First, I did my leg workout (I HATE leg day but I love getting a workout done) Then I tried to shape up my moustache before having a bath… I failed…miserably. I […]

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This melody hack will change your life

​Yesterday was a loooong ass Monday for me… I hope it was good for you. You see, in addition to scheduling 5 videos to release on my YouTube channel this week… (Daily content coming back soon? Maybe…) I also had to create artwork and edit the info of all those beats I uploaded over the weekend… Doesn’t sound […]

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Unsexy work keeps your bills paid

​Good morning! Another Monday, another week… Monday’s are when I do most of my unsexy work for the week… What’s that? All the work I do is sexy? Wow, what a lovely compliment, thank you! Anyways, I just wanted to wish you well for the week ahead… I know that you probably don’t look forward to […]

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Will this make your music better?

​Yoo the weekend is almost here fam. What are you gonna be doing tomorrow? I know what I’ll be focused on: Making music! I’ve set aside today as a “music day” so I’ll be cooking up a buttload of beats. Then tomorrow I’ll be mixing, mastering and uploading beats to my catalogue. But here’s the thing: […]

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