How To Stop Being Insecure About Your Music

If you suffer from feeling unsure if your music is TRASH…

If you find it hard to get HONEST feedback for your songs/beats…

If you’re not sure if you’re actually getting better at making music… then this message is just for you. Here’s why:


You can get your music critiqued by a professional musician (with over 12 years experience making music)… with detailed, BRUTALLY-HONEST feedback, today.


And you need to realize, there’s a cost to not dealing with this…

If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse

What most people do when they don’t know if they're their music is trash or not is:

  • They ask their friends and family...

  • They ask random strangers on the internet...

  • They never release their music out of fear that people might hate it...

 But for most people, none of that solves the problem.


  • Friends and family don’t want to hurt your feelings...and they don’t want to take the risk of you HATING them for them telling you that your music's doo-doo

  • Random strangers on the internet don’t have a deep understanding of music. Their feedback will be shallow at best, and they'll troll you at worst…

  • Not releasing your music is shooting yourself in the foot...You might be sitting on a GREAT song or beat! Even if YOU aren’t loving it, it might be AMAZING to someone else. (This is why it’s so important to get a different perspective on your music.)

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? Then, the sad truth is you’ll keep making the same mistakes...

You’ll NEVER know the truth about the quality of your music...

And you’ll be doomed to making wack songs/beats until you QUIT making music for good.

How I Stopped Being Insecure About My Music

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story: 

I used to be in the same boat as you…

The ONLY feedback I got was from friends and family…

It’s only years later that I realised they were LYING to my face!

With over 12 years of experience, consistency making music, training my musical ear and feedback from real musicians - I can confidently look back on my first few mixtapes and recognise them for the TRASH they are…

Now I can actually tell if my music is good or not BEFORE I release it to the world (and save myself a bunch of embarrassment).

I know my friends and family think they were being nice…(and, they were) but damn, they let me release all that trash fam!

Then I had an interesting idea:

“What if I could help other musicians discover the TRUTH about their music?”

“What If I could help other musicians understand EXACTLY where they need to improve and they don’t waste years  of their precious time making wack music like I did?”

“What if musicians could get the BRUTALLY-honest feedback they need...without having to search far and wide for someone who’s willing to tell them how it is?” 

And that’s exactly how I created my BRUTALLY-Honest Feedback package!


It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

Here’s what getting honest feedback from professional musicians (and people who don't care about my feelings) did for me…

First off, it hurt my feelings if I’m honest…

But then, it helped me realise how OTHER people experienced my music…

It gave me the information I needed to improve my music 10x and make music I LOVE that other people actually WANT to listen to…

And it’s not just me. 

The most successful artists don’t release music without getting feedback from the people they trust the most…

Professionals who are willing to tell em the TRUTH.

Drake gets feedback from 40 (his producer and collaborator)...

The Migos aren’t scared to tell each other if they have a WACK-ass verse…

Top artists and producers signed to record labels have to get their music approved by A&Rs before they can even THINK about releasing it...

Quality control is a MUST (it's not just the name of an Atlanta-based record label)!

Finally, It’s Your Turn

When you get the BRUTALLY-Honest Feedback package today, you’ll get the key to…

  • Making the best music you can make

  • Understanding EXACTLY where you’re going wrong, what mistakes you’re making with your music AND how to fix those mistakes

  • Finally knowing if your beat or song is a BANGER or absolute doo-doo

It all comes as part of an in-depth PDF report where I’ll give you detailed critique on these elements of your song/beat:

  • Songwriting

  • Flow

  • Delivery/Vocal Performance

  • Singing Ability

  • Song Arrangement

  • Mixing And Mastering

  • Would I listen to the song again?

And, for music producers, I'll critique these elements of your beat:

  • Beat Arrangement

  • Sound Selection

  • Is Your Beat Too Busy For An Artist To Use It?

  • Is this a good song for your target genre?

  • Would I listen use this beat?

Please only apply if your music is in these genres:

  • RnB

  • RnB Trap

  • Rap

  • Trap

  • Pop

  • Soul

  • Anything Urban

  • Any alternative version of the genres listed above

These are the genres I specialise in and know about extensively… 

For example: If you send me a screamo metal song - I won’t like it and I won’t be able to help you improve on it.

(So, don't do that.)

No hard feelings to the screaming angry dudes out there, that stuff is just NOT for me.

It’s Decision Time

You got 2 options to choose from:

 Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). 

You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go?


Take a new action, and get a new result. Finally become confident in your the brutal truth about your musical ability and how you can improve it.

Which do you really want for yourself?

Here’s what to do now:

  1. Click on the big red button below
  2. You’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll enter your details and place your order
  3. Lastly, click on the link sent to your email address and complete the form so I can get started on your song or beat critique

You'll get your brutally honest feedback report within 7 days of completing the form I'll immediately send to your email address.