June 12

Are You Famous? [RE-POST]


A little while ago, someone asked if I was famous. This has happened a couple times now and it’s really confused me because if you ask someone if they’re famous then the question kind of answers itself.

Fame is subjective to the person forming the opinion. I might think Jay Z’s famous, but my mum might not know who that is. Just like she likes all that old time music and shit like that and I probably don’t have a clue who those musicians are. That means Jay Z is not famous to her, and those musicians that she likes are not famous to me. You get what I’m saying? It’s a personal opinion. It depends on the person who’s forming the opinion. Just like you might know someone who’s known in the ends. Everyone knows him, all your friends know him, but Johnny Biggz from Mayfair doesn’t have a clue who he is. That person can be ‘famous’ to you, but to Johnny Biggz down in Mayfair, who doesn’t have a clue who that is, he’s not famous at all. He’s just some any guy.

After I explain that fame is subjective, the person then asked if I’ve got a lot of money. That is another subjective matter. What might be a lot of money to you might not be a lot of money to me and vice versa. What might be a lot of money to me might not be a lot of money to you, it depends on the person and their personal opinions about that. 

Also, fame doesn’t equal money. There’s a lot of famous people who are broke, and there’s a lot of rich people who are not famous at all. It doesn’t correlate. The money and the fame do not correlate. Being famous might allow you to make loads of money, but it doesn’t mean that because you are famous you have money. They don’t go together hand in hand like that.

Plus, in general, that’s just a disgusting way to view the world… To be obsessed with fame to a point where you’re asking niggas if they’re famous. That’s just silly.

But yeah, that’s just my opinion on the ting. I wanna know what you guys think, so leave a comment down below.


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