April 21

4 Key Benefits Of Buying Beats


A lot of rappers don’t want to buy beats. If it’s because you’re broke, then that’s fine – just stop rapping about making money. If you take your career seriously though, then you know you need original production. Why buy beats though? Well, I’m going to let you know now.

1. You Can Start Selling Your MusicJay Carteré | Jay Cartere | 4 Key Benefits Of Buying Beats

Most musicians want to be able to sustain an income through doing the work they love: music. But if all you do is rap over someone else’s songs, then you cannot sell any of the music you make or profit off it in any way without first getting the rights cleared by the owner of the original song, which can be a VERY lengthy, uncertain process.

2. You Can Create Your Own Identity

If you just make your own versions of other people’s songs 4 Key Benefits Of Buying Beatsyou won’t be taken seriously as an artist. You’re basically a cover artist (someone who sings someone else’s songs). In order for you to be viewed as an original new artist and not just a rip-off of whoever’s already out there, you have to create original songs.

3. You Can Upgrade From A Mixtape To An EP Or Album

Anyone can find instrumental versions of hot songs and create a mixtape with them, but that doesn’t help you stick out from the crowd at all. Creating an EP or album and releasing that through stores like iTunes, Amazon etc. will make you seem much more credible, plus you’d have created all these songs from scratch and you are actually building your catalogue.

4. You Can Invest In Yourself

I’m not talking about when producers say shit like “buy a beat from me and invest in your career” 4 Key Benefits Of Buying BeatsI’m talking about all the time and money you put into your songs. When you create a cover song then you shoot a video for it and spend time promoting it, you are making an extremely silly decision. You are basically throwing away your money; there will never be any return on that investment because you couldn’t sell that song even if everybody wanted to buy it. A smarter investment would be to buy a beat, record a song, and spend all your time and money promoting a product that can potentially make your money back.

There are many other selfless reasons for buying beats such as helping out the producer, contributing to the music economy etc., but you guys probably don’t give a shit. So think about all the points I gave you above and remember that if the producer you buy beats from blows up, he might remember you and help you out.

So yeah, buy some beats from me, follow me on Twitter for more advice and take a step towards being a professional musician.

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